What can hypnosis do for you?

You might be surprised!


Please note all my sessions are being held online at the moment. If you just want a half-hour hypnosis session for relaxation or stress reduction, choose that option from the menu ($40). Coronavirus is affecting us all. If you are feeling anxious, stressed or upset, a daily self-calming practice, like self-hypnosis, meditation, yoga, or EFT (tapping) is essential and invaluable. The links below are free, stress-reduction and relaxation mp3 downloads. You can listen to them directly from this website or download them to your phone or iPad. I recommend listening with headphones. All of these recordings will help you relax. If you find your mind is jumping around at first, just persist and listen anyway - with practice it will get easier to let go and relax.

By optimizing awareness of the mind-body connection, you can reduce daily stress and increase wellbeing. Through hypnosis you can learn new coping mechanisms, retraining body and mind to respond in more appropriate and less harmful ways, until these become second nature. Hypnosis can help you break out of that self-defeating loop or feeling "stuck."

So what exactly is hypnosis? We all go into altered states every day: daydreaming, highway hypnosis, or becoming deeply absorbed in a book, movie, or creative activity. Hypnosis is just another altered state, a state of quiet focused awareness where you become more suggestible. In hypnosis or guided imagery, you can also access the REM state (rapid eye movement, most often seen in dreaming) - visualization or imagination is a powerful tool for change.

Hypnosis is useful for a variety of issues, complements other modalities you may be using, and works best if you are ready to make changes. It is effective for resolving inner conflict, e.g. "part of me wants to quit smoking but part of me really enjoys it."

While a specialty of mine is working with children and adolescents referred from pediatric GI departments, I work with clients of all ages and on many different issues. I look to address which emotional needs are not being met in the client. I am also a certified hypnosis instructor and train new hypnotists. For more information about me, my training and education, and areas of specialization, please see the About page. If you are interested in learning more about hypnosis as a possible career path, please see my Training page.

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