What can hypnosis do for you?

I am doing online (Zoom) sessions until the week after Thanksgiving. Now offering early bird sessions (6am, 7am) at a reduced rate! I will be in the office during the first two weeks of December if you would like an in-person appointment.


Curious about hypnosis? Want to train for a new career? Ask about my next Foundations of Hypnosis virtual weekend (Sat/Sun, 9:00am-5pm). This module counts towards the National Guild of Hypnotists' 100-hr certificate.

If you are feeling anxious, stressed or upset, a daily self-calming practice like self-hypnosis, meditation, or yoga is invaluable. The links below are free guided imagery mp3 downloads. Listen directly from this website or download them to your phone or iPad. I recommend using headphones or earbuds.

So what is hypnosis anyway? Hypnosis is a means of inducing and maintaining a state of quiet focused awareness where you become more suggestible. We all go into altered states every day: daydreaming, highway hypnosis, or anytime we become absorbed in a book, movie, or creative activity and time flies! Using guided imagery, you can access the REM (rapid eye movement) state without actually being asleep! This is usually experienced in dreaming. Your imagination is a powerful tool for change and once you are hypnotized it is easy to mentally rehearse new behaviors so that your brain accepts them as reality! You can reduce daily stress and increase wellbeing, learn new coping mechanisms, and retrain body and mind to respond in more appropriate ways, until these become second nature.

Hypnosis is useful for a wide variety of issues, and although we all have a natural ability to enter a trance state, you can develop your skills with guided practice. I use a variety of hypnosis protocols and modalities including parts therapy, regression and past-life regression, NLP techniques like rewind/fast phobia cure, and deep trance work such as the Simpson Protocol, and Ultra-Height®.

A specialty of mine is working with children and adolescents with functional disorders like IBS, referred from pediatric GI departments. Another specialty is smoking cessation. A third specialty is anxiety and depression. However, I work with clients on whatever issues they bring and focus on which emotional needs are not being met in the client.

I am also a certified hypnosis instructor and love training new hypnotists.



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