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About Provence... Perfectly!

Provence... Perfectly is an alternative to tour companies. Liz and Claire run only two tours per year, make all the arrangements and are your on-site guides. The policies and below are intended to inform and protect you and the investment you make in your dream vacation to Provence or Tuscany. Please read carefully. Any reference herein to Provence... Perfectly personnel refers to Liz Priestley and Claire de la Varre, jointly or separately.


Payment Policies

1. A deposit ("deposit") of one-third of the cost of the vacation is required to hold your reservation. We will email you a receipt. The remaining balance is payable in two equal instalments. The first of these payments ("first instalment") must be received by January 31, 2016, and the second payment ("second instalment') is due by March 31, 2016, unless you have prior permission from Provence... Perfectly to pay on a different schedule.

2. We prefer payment via personal check. If you choose to pay by credit or debit card, there will be an additional fee of 2.75% of the charged amount.

Cancellation Policies

1. If you cancel before March 1, 2016 we will refund your deposit less a $250 cancellation fee (per person), and will also refund any installments already paid.

2. If you cancel between March 1 and April 15, 2016, and you have paid the first installment, you will receive a refund of your first installment, but will forfeit your deposit.

3. If you cancel later than April 15, 2016, and have paid the second installment, you will receive a refund of the second installment, but will forfeit the first installment and the deposit.

4. If you cancel after May 15, 2016, you will lose all funds deposited with Provence... Perfectly. because at that late date it is difficult to find replacement travelers and we have fixed expenses that have been paid in advance.

5. No refunds will be given for arriving late or leaving early. There are no exceptions to the above cancellation policies including personal injuries/illness or inclement weather.

6. If Provence... Perfectly cancels a vacation for any reason, any and all deposits and payments to date will be refunded in full, which constitutes settlement fees. Provence... Perfectly will not be held responsible for any additional travel expenses incurred in preparation for cancelled vacations including airline tickets, travel delays, flight cancellations, or illness.

7. All guests must sign the forms below and mail or scan/email them to Provence... Perfectly personnel no later than May 15, 2016.

8. Guests should have medical insurance that includes coverage for travel abroad. We also highly recommend travel cancellation insurance should your travel plans change at short notice. Travel insurance is inexpensive, and can be purchased through your travel agent or through a number of online companies, e.g. or These companies are just suggestions and have no connection or affiliation with Provence... Perfectly personnel.


Please print out two sets of forms: keep one set for yourself and complete and return the second set to Liz Priestley, 9501 Coach Way, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 when you remit your final payment to Provence... Perfectly.

Emergency contact form
Proof of medical insurance
Participation agreement and assumption of risk
Medical disclosure form
Policies and procedures
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